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On Sunday, October 7th, Dr. Luster was honored at the I Change Nations Golden Truth Award Ceremony. Dr. Clyde Rivers, a Global Ambassador, presented her with this honor for her hard work and dedication within the community. This event took place at the Annual Black Belt Speakers Conference. 

Contiguous Speaking Engagements

Dr. Luster was a contributing speaker to the Success Women's Conference, a nationally live-streamed event. She delivered an empowering message of hope and resiliency when facing the setbacks in life. This event was hosted by Good Morning America's Robin Roberts, and Award Winning Empowerment Coach Lisa Nichols.

Radio and Television Appearances

Adria was a featured guest on IMPACT CHANNEL’S 1onOne! 

Please check your local listings so that you can tune in, watch me,  and the co-authors of Live Your Best Life: Answer The Call as we empower you through the struggle to answering the call on your life!

Encore showings of Live Your Best Life: Answer the Call will air on:

Impact Network (Channel 268 on Dish, 380 on DirecTV, 400 Comcast) and the

TCT Channel.  (can also be seen on Spectrum, Roku etc.) Set your DVR so you don’t miss this event! 

About Dr. Luster

20 Years of Experience

Dr. Adria E. Luster serves as an educator in the Atlanta area that has dedicated her life to serving at-risk children. She has presented at numerous professional development workshops and conferences to both small and large audiences. She has more than 20 years of experience in her field and has presented her professional findings in various forums, both large and small. In addition, she has volunteered within her community by providing workshops to assist at-risk students and motivational speeches to empower women and minorities.   


Dr. Luster has been featured in both the Topeka Capital-Journal and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, She is also a co-author in the Live Your BEST Life series presented by Ruben West in the 2017 book titled, Answer the Call. In 2014 she published her first fictional novel titled, Coconut Cake, using the pen name of Elise Massey. Her sequel, Banana Pudding, will be published in the Fall of 2018.  You can access more information about her fictional writings at www.elisemassey.com.



Adria currently provides instructional coaching to assist teachers with delivering quality, standards-based instruction by developing strategies to address the needs of both gifted and struggling learners. She has served as an educator for more than 20 years. Prior to earning her Ph.D. in Education, she received an Educational Specialist degree, a Master’s in Business Management, and a Bachelor of Arts in English.  

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Dr. Adria E. Luster, Motivational Speaker


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Dr. Landon A. Brown, II.

 Dr. Benjamin E. Mays once said, “Every man and woman is born into the world to do something unique and something distinctive and if he or she does not do it, it will never be done.”  Live Your Best Life details practical steps on how to make sure you are working in your calling and energized me to answer the call in my field and do the work needed to not only be my very best; but to help others succeed in life as well. 

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She's also a fictional author!

Visit www.elisemassey.com to learn more about her fictional work and purchase the first title in the series, "Coconut Cake."

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